Welcome to The JG Mastermind Group of Wisdom!

I’m not sure if you’ve been following me for a while or how you stumbled across this platform, but my mission is to create a council of leaders. That’s precisely why I created a Mastermind Group. Mastermind groups typically exist to help bring high level people together with high IQ’s to bring something called groupthink to the table.

When 2 or more people form together on an idea, you can collaborate to get to much more truth than on your own. Why? Imagine a triangle. Two points at the base form the top. The wider that base is on the bottom, the taller the triangle. When 2 people who have differing opinions on a subject matter can work together, you get to a higher elevated ground of truth than if you were to just take action by yourself.

This is the idea that stuck with me and I wanted to bring people from all walks of life together (those who follow me already and those who do not know of me yet). If you ever watched my 365 series, you know I’m a tremendously passionate individual who loves to find truth and become a better human being. I like to unlock this core concept with as many people on Earth as I possibly can. Most people are undecided in the sense that they haven’t really put a stake in the ground to say to themselves that they’re going to lead a righteous life and make the best out of this life. many people are skating by and hoping that everything comes together. That’s one strategy, but we have to know the game of life if we are going to do well at it.

I believe in my heart, in my soul, that the game of life is to be the best person you can be. This can only be summed up as ‘doing the right thing’. That’s a very tricky concept, because no one down here can really tell us what is right from moment to moment, but we have to move closer in the direction of the ideal of treating your neighbor like yourself, working hard, earning your keep, and being morally righteous in the sense of being aware of causing pain and pleasure to other people.

This Mastermind Group is formed to help you with your goals, both professional and personal. Business and money are a huge part of life, so I help people tackle many of those concepts just like I try to improve my business. No money, no mission like one of my mentors told me. However, life has a much bigger picture to it than just work. We have to really master balance and in order to be a complete human being, you need to master your relationships, communication skills, and emotional temperament. A key secret to life is harnessing the feminine and masculine energies within you and uniting them together to act in harmony. This is a code to life that I live by. When you do harness this energy, you can become a true leader. One who is compassionate yet firm. One who is powerful yet kind. One who can achieve yet see the beauty in everything.

Everyone has gifts and unique abilities. When we come together, we recognize those gifts in each other and it allows us to grow the weaknesses within us because we send love out and the universe always rewards love – pure love. Love is the only thing that transcends time and space. Another code to the universe. The Mastermind group allows us to improve because we learn the intricacies of the inner workings of the mind to get good at a particular thing. Only when we reverse engineer the process in someone else can we grow to respect something and love it.

To start, I recommend hopping onto the video courses right away. As a JG Wisdom Contributor, you’ll be able to start by watching several video courses for free including Basics of Life, Study Resources, and Physical Health. You’ll also be able to participate in the public groups. I also send blog posts out directly to your email so you can read them on your phone.

Once you’re ready to take it to the next level and upgrade your plan to the JG Mastermind Member, then you can access every video course on here and every group forum where we engage in some pretty intense, heated discussions. I push out new content on a regular basis including new video courses, blog posts, and other goodies. Mastermind Members also get frequent hidden blog posts sent directly to your email to help you on your journey of success and personal development.

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Enjoy your time on here and thank you for your consideration into this wonderful program with so many bright minds.