Emotional Mastery Course

Scroll down to purchase the Emotional Mastery Course to get access to video lessons dedicated to helping you become better at controlling your emotional state to experience more positive feelings and emotions.

29 Lessons designed to help you learn how to re-frame negative emotions:

  • Training Exercise – Detachment and Attachment
  • What If They Already Know Your Fear
  • Overwhelm From Feeling Inadequate
  • 5 Levels of Fear, Anxiety About a Future Event
  • Get Over Heartbreak
  • Changing the Bad Parts of Your Past
  • Why We Go Through Pain
  • Stop Depression Now
  • Success Comes After Struggle – Break Plateaus
  • Why You Need to be an Optimist
  • Steps to Increase Confidence Right Away
  • How to Love Yourself, How to Think Positively For Good
  • Maintain the Temperature
  • Change Your Story to Fight Depression
  • Getting Over Your Ex
  • Helping with the Death of a Loved One
  • Stop an Anxiety Attack
  • Connecting With Yourself
  • Thorn in Your Side
  • State Changing Visualization
  • Be Grateful for Negative Awareness
  • Shut off Thought
  • Fighting Off Urges
  • Pain Creates You
  • Depression & Anxiety Relief
  • Free Yourself from an Apology
  • The Truth Behind Meditation