Higher Consciousness Course

Scroll down below to purchase the Higher Consciousness Course to get access to video lessons dedicated to helping you explore some deep topics and conversations to help stimulate your mind towards more intellectual thinking.

23 Lessons designed to help you think at a higher level by exposing some of life’s greatest mysteries:

  • Ruled by Subconscious Questions
  • Downloading New Software Programs
  • Is Obsession the Way
  • Theory of Relativity
  • Freemasonry Documentary
  • Free Will vs Predeterminism
  • The Ego vs You
  • Nature vs Nurture
  • Micro to Macro Thinking
  • Know Thyself
  • Destroying the Ego Construct
  • What Your Eyes Can’t See
  • The Mind Never Sleeps
  • Belief
  • Immortality
  • Living in a Simulation
  • Is Anything Truly Possible
  • Is the Illuminati Real
  • Fighting The Ego
  • Other Self
  • The Subconscious Stories
  • Movie in Your Mind
  • Byproduct of Our Thoughts