Peak Performance Mindset Course

Scroll down below to purchase the Peak Performance Mindset Course to get access to video lessons dedicated to helping you become better at gaining control over your thoughts and staying in a peak state more often.

29 Lessons designed to help you become a better performer:

  • The Box From Which You Cannot Escape
  • Always Extract the Lesson
  • My Alone Time
  • Frustration From Being Stuck
  • Stop Beating Yourself Up
  • Work is Play
  • How to Solidify an Idea
  • Create a One Word Trigger
  • How to Stay Focused
  • Slow is Smooth – Smooth is Fast
  • When You’re Not 100%
  • Mindset for Success
  • No More Procrastination
  • Be Resilient to Succeed
  • Stop Waiting for Perfect
  • Why You Shouldn’t Settle – Expect Greatness
  • Why You Need to Continually Improve
  • Whatever It Takes
  • Too Busy is a Test
  • Cost of Failure vs Cost of Success
  • Personal Responsibility
  • A Mental Breakthrough
  • My Meaning, In Little Chunks
  • Need a Vacation
  • How to Get Smarter in Under 1 Minute
  • Belief Before Reality, Wake Up Chant
  • End of the Game Mentality