Spirituality & Religion Course

Scroll down below to purchase the Spirituality & Religion Course to get access to video lessons dedicated to helping you become better at understanding some major religious topics and to help you connect more spiritually.

21 Lessons designed to help you explore spiritual, philosophical, and religious topics at a deeper level:

  • Are You Praying Right
  • What’s Needed in the Moment
  • Driving the Divine Out
  • You’re Not Good Enough
  • Creator and Creation Relationship
  • Studying the Past Will Pave Your Future
  • Study Culture and People’s Values
  • Science vs Religion – The Debate
  • The Yin Yang Duality of Life
  • Inner Peace
  • Does an Afterlife Exist
  • Lessons From Religion
  • Find Him and Lose Him
  • Do Dogs Go To Heaven
  • The Divine Matrix
  • Is Religion Real
  • Fibonacci Sequence
  • Heaven and Hell
  • All Roads Lead to Rome
  • Choosing Religion
  • Faith vs Cynicism